The Bat Cave welcomes you

by Austin Stair Calhoun, E+DS Team Lead
It’s official; Cooke 204 has transformed itself into The Bat Cave.
The Bat Cave takes its name from the eponymous Batman cartoon; the underground lair where all the innovative and world-saving equipment is stored. While we may not be saving the world in Cooke 204, we are hoping to be your innovation and inspiration hub—a place for eLearning, research, development, consultation, creation, and YOU.
Following our September 12th Open House, we were delighted with the expressed interest in our new tools. With this interest in mind, we would now like to welcome you to join us in the Bat Cave at either the iMac or the Mac Mini. You can always stop into Cooke 204 for a quick consultation or use KINTRIBUTE to schedule a longer help session.
More about the Macs

  • We are using Google appointment slots to reserve a time at these computers.
  • Because of the amount of equipment in Cooke 204, we are limiting these appointment offerings to weekday business hours (after hours needs should be requested via KINTRIBUTE).
  • You are also going to need to request (via a onetime coconut task) a login to each computer you want to use.
  • Our iMacs are equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign) and both our iMacs and our MacMini HAVE iMovie installed.
  • Our MacMini workstation is also connected to an AppleTV, making it the perfect place to test using an iPad to present or engage students in the classroom.

We will be rolling out more technology and tools as semester progresses. Stay tuned!


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