A PeopleTool refresher

by Austin Stair Calhoun, E+DS Team LeadCV.jpg
It’s been a year and a half since my last post about PeopleTool, and the beginning of the year is just the right time for a refresher. I’ve written here and here about how PeopleTool works to construct your web profiles.
Over the summer, myself and my CEHD colleagues collaborated to create guidelines for our profiles. These guidelines explain the PeopleTool fields and make suggestions for word counts and content. Additionally, we are recommending that your profile should be updated at LEAST once a year, and your headshot should be taken within the last five years. Can’t remember if you’ve updated your bio? You can check out this list of edit dates.
If you need support using PeopleTool, please contact kintribute@umn.edu. We are happy to schedule a new headshot for your profile as well.

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