Flipgrid: A unique way to spark engagement

By Brenda Senger ’14, Communications Assistant
flipgrid.pngFlipgrid is a creative resource to help build engagement outside of the classroom or workplace. You create a question based on an assignment, lecture, meeting, or inquiry and then your targeted audience can reply through a recorded video.
How to use Flipgrid:

  • Build your grid

A grid can be anything you want; your class, research groups, colleagues, or any group of people that are answering the same question. Each grid can hold an unlimited number of questions and a question can hold an unlimited number of responses. Access to your grid can be given through email and you can create a password so only the people you want a response from have access to reply.

  • Create a question

Questions must be clear and short because the people who are responding are allocated 90 seconds maximum to reply.

  • Monitor responses

Responses in the same grid are visible to anyone who has access to that grid. This allows for other students to view responses and for the class to fully interact with one another.
My personal experience with Flipgrid has been great. I have been asked to use it multiple times when responding to take-home assignments and it is a quick and easy way for me to share my thoughts. I highly recommend this application to anyone wanting to heighten participation in their course or workplace!
Want to see how it works? Check out my Flipgrid! Click on a face to view a response and then click on the large plus sign to add your own video and respond to my question, “How will you use Flipgrid?”
Flipgrid was created by the LT Media Lab at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.


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