Storify: Creating Social Media Stories

Storify is a social network service that allows users to create stories using media from social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts can be collected to generate these stories.
The goal of Storify is to take discussions of a topic across social media channels and put the discussions into one place. This allows viewers to get an overall sense of what occurred and how it was represented on social media.
Here are some examples of stories on Storify:
Tornado Stories of Survival
David Beckham and the Galaxy
University of Minnesota – CEHD Commencement
Storify is a fun way to showcase what people are posting on social media! Start creating your own stories with these easy steps:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Collect media from different social media channels.
  3. Publish your story on Storify.
  4. Share on your own social sites!

The E+DS Team created our own Storify on our Photo-A-Day Challenge. Check out are first story!


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