Sharing Our Student Research: First Research Symposium is Overwhelming Success

featuredsRESEARCHseal_opt.fw.png The School of Kinesiology’s student subcommittee of the Graduate Education Committee hosted the first Kinesiology Research Symposium in April. The symposium consisted of two sessions of presentations by graduate students. Justin Geijer, Amanda Williams, and Lana Huberty presented in the first part of the day, while Andrea Stark, Tyler Bosch, and Patrick Wilson presented in the second, covering a wide range of topics in the discipline of kinesiology.
Thumbnail image for GeijerJ-2013.pngBetween the two presentation sessions, 20 undergraduate and graduate students shared their research posters to an open audience. Posters represented research being conducted across all sub-disciplines of kinesiology. Co-chairs and doctoral students, Ayanna Franklin and Reed Steele, described the event as a great way for students to showcase their work to the community. Steele noted that the event “exceeded their expectations.”
The graduate student subcommittee hopes to make this an annual event and are exploring the possibility of inviting other units in CEHD to learn about the great student research happening in the School of Kinesiology. ✍ -Brenda Senger & Emily Corken, Communications Assistants

Graduate Student Presentation Topics
  • Justin Geijer: Reproducibility of Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Signal Changes with End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Alterations
  • Amanda Williams: Predictors of Commitment Among Adult Recreation Soccer Players: Test of an Expanded Model
  • Lana Huberty: Using Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification to Solicit Sponsorships: A Comparison of Sport Facility Marketers
  • Andrea Stark: Social Psychological Climate and Psychological Well-Being in Adolescence: Differences Between Technical and Competition Dance Studios
  • Tyler Bosch: Comparison of Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry to Computed Tomography for the Quantification of Visceral Adipose Tissue in Children and the Relationship with Metabolic Risk Factors
  • Patrick Wilson: Dietary Tendencies as Predictors of Marathon Time in Novice Runners

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