Marathon Class Competes in 2013 Eau Claire Marathon

PE1262.pngThe students in PE 1262 competed in the Eau Claire Marathon on May 5. Ninety-five students started–and completed–the race! Co-instructors Dr. Stacy Ingraham and Ph.D. student Chris Lundstrom had oversight of the training, classroom instruction, physiological testing and course administration.
This is the fifth year this course has been offered through the University of Minnesota’s Physical Activity Program. All five years, all students have completed the marathon.
This year was a particularly difficult year of training as a result of the never-ending winter, which made for treacherous trails and increased injury potential. However, they persevered and the class ended up dedicating their race to the memory of the three victims of the Boston Marathon. Most of the students wore three pieces of tape on their race jerseys as a tribute.
The fastest time from this group of marathoners was Tyler Grinstead (3:04.20), finishing seventh overall. The top female, who also won the U-20 age division, was Kristin Kuball, who placed 24th overall (3:20:43) and fourth among all women. The average finish time for this year’s marathon class was 4:21, compared to last year’s average class time of 4:33.


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