New Apps We Love: Whims & Vine

by Emily Corken ’13, Communications Assistant
As part of the E + DS Team, we are always on the search for the latest apps and social networks. Two of our favorites are Whims and Vine. Both are leverage content in a unique way, allowing you to stay connected to people, places, and brands.
Vine_apps_logo.pngWhat is Vine?
Vine, a social media app developed by Twitter, lets you create a six-second, looped video. These videos can be shared or embedded on a variety of social networking services, such as Twitter or Facebook. As of April 8, Vine was the No. 1 free app in Apple’s App Store. We like Vine because it provides a quick (and quirky!) way to capture a moment. Be sure to follow us and view our very first Vine (a peek at last week’s Research Symposium) here!
whim.jpgWhat is Whims?
Whims is also based on unique user-generated content. Instead of creating videos, Whims users create status updates, posts, and messages for followers to see. For lack of a better description, Whims is like Instagram for typography and text. There are also other tools similar to Whims, like Over or Overgram.


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