Two ways to set up notifications in Google Forms

by Silke Moeller, eLearning Assistant
Google Forms is a useful tool to help you plan events, send a survey, give students a quiz, or collect other information. You can receive notifications when particpants submit data. Here are two ways to set up notifications (one is easy, the other more advanced!).
Simple notification setup

  • Open the spreadsheet (result) view of the form and select Tools>Notification rules…
  • Here you can setup the way you would like to be notified. Notify me at … when… ✔ a user submits a form and Notify me with … ✔ Email – daily digest
  • FormNotification1.jpg

  • Watch this video for detailed step by step instruction
  • Note: You will be the only receiver of this notification, shared form user don’t get the notification. In case you would like to distribute the notification, see the advanced setup “FormEmailer” information below.

Advanced notification setup

Install steps:

  • Open your Spreadsheet/Form. (It should already have at least the basic structure of your data, i.e. the 1st row filled with the data headers. In case of a Form it’s done automatically when you create the form).
  • Click menu Insert > Script.
  • A internal popup window should open, click the search box and type: formemailer
  • A list with some scripts should appear, locate the “FormEmailer” script, developed by hgabreu and click its install button.
  • A authorization popup shows up and you need to click Authorize to proceed.
  • A browser popup window shows up, it should close itself automatically. And back to the main window, you can close the Script Gallery internal popup window by clicking Ok.

Configuration steps:

  • An additional menu option, “FormEmailer,” appears in your spreadsheet.
  • Click FormEmail in menu and install script.
  • An additional worksheet will be created in your spreadsheet with information about “FormEmailer” .
  • Click FormEmailer>Settings to configure the recipients and the email you would like to distribute.
  • For detailed settings and more information, go to the FormEmailer website or watch this demo video how to install, configure and use “FormEmailer”.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact the School of Kinesiology E+DS Team for questions or support!


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