Application Review: Reflector

by Silke Moeller, eLearning Assistant
image00.pngAre you looking for a wireless way to display an iPad without a dongle or the overhead projector? Would you like to mirror your (or your students’) iPad in the classroom?
REFLECTOR is a Windows/Mac tool that mirrors one or multiple iPads or iPhones [Video]. After installing and opening Reflector on a PC or Mac that is in the same wireless network as the mobile devices you would like to mirror, you only have to activate AirPlay on the mobile device. This is an amazing way to project and/or record activities on an iPad or iPhone. Be aware: the performance depends heavily on the wireless network you are using and that it also slows down when multiple mobile devices mirror simultaneously.
Some suggested uses include:

  • to use the iPad as a mobile Docucam
  • easily record “how to do’s” on an iPad or iPhone
  • to model how to use a specific app
  • use a handwriting app (like Notability) and a stylus for instruction
  • quickly summarize student group results during a class
  • demonstrate student projects

System requirement:

  • Mobile devices and workstation have to be in the same wireless network.
  • Windows XP, Vista or 7 (for recording Win7 is required)
  • Mac OS X Lion (OS X 10.7.3 for recording)
  • IPad 2 and up, IPad mini
  • IPod Touch 5th generation
  • IPhone 4S and up
  • Trial is free, single license $12.99

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