#KINnect with the School of Kinesiology this Spring

by Emily Corken ’13 and Brenda Senger ’14
The School of Kinesiology E+DS team has created a spring campaign in efforts to connect the kinesiology students, staff, and faculty. Each week, a new topic or question is presented through our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. With each post, we use the slogan #KINnect to represent kinesiology and the word “connect”. By using this slogan we are able to view interaction from students, faculty, and staff across all of the social media platforms.
The topics and questions that are presented range week to week. Some focus more on academia, while others focus on light-hearted topics such as spring break plans and study tips. Often, our weekly topics showcase the amazing research being done in the school while sparking conversations with peers and professors, making it beneficial for both groups.
Here are some of our first posts on Facebook and Twitter:


We are hoping that this campaign will create a greater connection between students, faculty and staff in the School of Kinesiology. Make sure you follow us on all channels and #KINnect with the kinesiology community this spring!


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