Evernote: A new way to organize

By Brenda Senger ’14, Communications Assistant
With thousands of organizational apps and websites eager to gain customer loyalty, it can feel overwhelming when choosing just one application. Many tools initially seem appealing and it is only after hours of organizing and compiling all of the upcoming events, deadlines, and commitments that an app crashes and nothing was saved. At that moment, technology seems confusing and frustrating, and a pen and paper never seemed so ideal.
Evernote.fw.pngNot every organizational application will cause users this trama. In fact, some could change the way your world works. Evernote may just be that tool. It think it is a great way to simplify and store information or share ideas and projects with others. It syncs data to all devices, and best of all, it is free. Evernote is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.
Ways to use Evernote:

  • Share documents from any device with colleagues, family, or friends.
  • Snap photos of handwritten class notes or whiteboards. Save them as notes and Evernote recognizes words within photos.
  • Use it to study with Evernote Peek, turning notes into virtual quizzes with your tablet or iPad.
  • Scan and organize photos.
  • Create itineraries and lesson plans.
  • Keep an electronic address book, linking individuals with social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Use in classes, meetings, or personally to organize that busy schedule.

2 thoughts on “Evernote: A new way to organize

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