Pinning into class: A student perspective

by Emily Corken ’13, Communications Assistant
pinterest_badge_red.pngSocial media seems to be everywhere these days, so why not use it in the classroom! One way to incorporate social media in education is with Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you share images on the web and search for inspiration. Austin wrote about Pinterest back in the Fall of 2011. As a student at the University of Minnesota, I have found Pinterest to be a useful tool in the classroom.
Last semester, in my Basic Media Design course, I was required to join Pinterest and to follow and post to the class board. Some of our Pinterest assignments included pinning images that were linked to class concepts and pinning links related to graphic design resources.
The best part about using Pinterest is that the boards are still accessible even though the semester is over. I have been able to stay connected to the course by looking back on the boards to find new resources and tools for graphic design. This has opened my eyes to the positive potential of using social media in the classroom.
Pinterest can also be a great tool for educators, beyond pinning with students. Educators can connect with other professionals in the field to share ideas and materials. It is an easy and fun way to follow trends and to find inspiration.


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