A Nifty Dropbox Accessory

sendtodb.pngAfter last week’s post, Jonathan suggested this tool, Send to Dropbox, as an additional reason why/how to use Dropbox.
I know many of us are guilty of emailing ourselves our content (paper drafts, powerpoints, notes, etc!). Send to Dropbox draws on our desire to email ourselves our files. Instead of large files appearing in your inbox, your files will be sent to your Dropbox and stored in a folder called, Attachments.
P.S. Send to Dropbox is free. You have nothing to lose.


One thought on “A Nifty Dropbox Accessory

  1. What I used this for was sending a LOT of pdf files to my dropbox instead of going through the onerous task of opening email, downloading the file, etc. Groovy.

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