What we’re loving Wednesday – Google Hangouts!

The Google Apps Suite never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I’ve figured out all the capabilities of Google Sites or Google Drive, I learn how to develop and repurpose application scripts and the power of both of these tools doubles, no, triples. I know that I’m a bona fide nerd when this kind of thing excites me.
Today, I am loving a Google product that is far simpler, but has a lot of potential for professional and academic uses – Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts combines the power of Gmail, Google+, and Chat into a video-chatting, conferencing tool. It is conceptually very similar to UMConnect, but the interface is what you would expect from Google (clean, streamlined, intuitive).
Just last week, I used Hangouts from Cooke 220 to have a virtual meeting with Jonathan in Cooke 204. We were able to troubleshoot a complex computer issue without leaving our desks. Hangouts could also be used for a doctoral defense, for a meeting with telecommuters, or to broadcast a guest speaker to the public.
Here is a video about Hangouts that will likely inspire you to use this tool in YOUR everyday life.


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