The ever-expanding Google Apps Suite

app_sphere_google.pngThis week, the University of Minnesota’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced that YouTube had joined the suite of available Google Apps. OIT notes that with the addition of YouTube we also get access to broadcasting live video via Google Hangouts. Here are some additional possibilities of this new intergration, via OIT:

  • Sharing content is made easier through the integration of contacts and/or distribution lists.
  • By way of Google+, Google Hangouts provides a tool for videoconferencing with up to nine other users.
  • You can also use “Hangouts On Air” to broadcast that same conference to the world via YouTube, Google+, or another website.

Read more about what YouTube and livestreaming additions means to you at the U here:
A reminder from OIT:

When publishing content to YouTube or broadcasting a Hangout On Air, please be mindful that these are public environments where private or protected content, such as Protected Health Information (PHI), should never be shared. Read more about Acceptable Use and Data Security on the UMN Google Apps website.


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