Olympics apps that go for gold

It seems everyone has Olympic fever right now. With four connections to the Summer Games in London, the School of Kinesiology is no exception. To help quench your thirst for Olympic updates while on the job, on the road, or at the beach, here are a few apps that are podium-worthy:
ss2.jpg1. NBC Olympics (GOLD): It should be no surprise that NBC’s basic app is a favorite. With a streamlined design, the app provides everything from news and scores to photos and tv schedules.
2. London 2012 Results (GOLD): The official app of the London Organizing Committee is just that—official. Easy interface? Check. Schedules and scores? Check. Military time? Check. What more do you need?
3. TEAM USA (SILVER): For fans of Team USA, this app is a must. It combines all the voyeuristic qualities of Facebook and Twitter into a Flipboard-style interface. The TEAM USA app also gets points for containing content related to the Olympics and the Paraolympics.
4. Reuters Olympics London 2012 (SILVER): Despite being focused on delivering the iconic moments of the Games via photography, this app also provides scores and schedules. The images are why you should download the app, but the extras might make you actually use it.
5. NBC Olympics Live Extra (BRONZE): This app had a lot of potential — and then it false-started in the finals of the 400-meter medley relay. This app promises to deliver live event coverage (YAY!), but only if you login with your cable provider (BOO!).
All of these apps are not only free, but the majority of them are available on multiple platforms.

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