Kinesiology’s Flickr Pro Account

Today’s topic, Flickr, is just too timely to wait until next week (and it had been quite a long time since I last posted). As you may have seen, the School of Kinesiology has been uploading a bevy of photographs to a pro account on Flickr. What you may not have realized, is that we are using Flickr as a photo repository for our high resolution images. If you have a pro account on Flickr, they will store high-resolution originals, which can be downloaded at anytime as long as you remain Pro. Anyone can access public photos and download the high-resolution (original) size from a Pro account.
To access all of these sizes for a photo, click the “Actions” tab and then select the “All Sizes” link on an individual photo page.
From there, you can download any size you’d like, including the high resolution original.
If you have a collection of photos that you think would be relevant to KIN’s Flickr account, please contact me!

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