So, you want to start a blog?! (Part 1)

barking.gifSince the holiday break is looming and the days will be getting longer, I see no reason not to use the “extra” time to start a professional or personal blog. There are two supported tools for blogging at the University of Minnesota—UThink and Blogger. UThink is the better-known U of MN tool, as it’s supported by the library. All Things Kinsidered and the CEHD news site are built using UThink, which uses the Movable Type platform.
While UThink is a great option for blogging, particularly for a quick classroom blog, we also have in our University arsenal the option of using Blogger. Because Blogger is owned by Google, it is included in the Google Apps suite. Students, faculty, and staff have access to this tool through portal. The first blog I ever started in 2001 was built on Blogger, and some well-known blogs that are powered by Blogger are: PostSecret/, the Official Google Blog, and Twitter’s Official Blog.
Next week, I’ll give you some non-supported, but equally solid, options of your digital diatribes.


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