Using GoogleDocs to embed pictures in an email

Since two of my last three ATKs have been about Google Apps, it might seem like I’m obsessed with these tools. I do have a very clear penchant for the Google Family, but it’s only because there are so many possibilities within this application suite.
I was asked earlier this week how to attach a picture (i.e., a JPG, PNG, or GIF) to an email using Gmail. In order to complete that task using Gmail, there are about 10 steps. An easy would be to use GoogleDocs to create the document, complete with rich text formatting, and then email that document FROM Google Docs to your contacts.
Here are the specific steps for adding a picture to GoogleDocs and essential creating a simple flyer:

  1. Go to GoogleDocs ( and create a new document. Begin by adding whatever text you want to send along with your image.
  2. Click insert in the tool bar and select “Image”. Find the image you want to insert in the document and it should automatically appear in the document.
  3. You may need to resize the image (to do so, “pull” on its corners or sides). Then, click on the image and select “in-line with text” as opposed to fixed position. This will make a smoother transition to email.
  4. When you are ready to share this content (flyer, poster, announcement, whatever!) with the masses, go to File–>Email as attachement. Select “Attach as
    Paste the item itself into the email” and then type in your contacts and subject. I like to send the content to myself once as a test to make sure it looks good before I send it off to the world.

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