Putting some ego in your inbox

When I worked in intercollegiate sports information, I used to wow coaches and athletes with my ability to tick of their stats, hometown, or alma mater. Now, you don’t need the brain of a sports geek to garner information about yourself, a colleague or a subject area as Google Alerts has made “stalking” much easier.
googlealerts.pngTo set up a Google Alert, visit http://www.google.com/alerts and type in whatever search string you want. You can select what kind of content (everything, news, blogs, videos, or discussions) and you can select the frequency to deliver the alerts (as it happens, daily, or weekly). You can also let Google filter out the best items.
I use Google Alerts to monitor every faculty member in the School of Kinesiology— alleviating the need to search external websites for instances of our people in the news. I also use Google Alerts to search certain subjects like “new media and sport” and “iPads and education.”
Learn more about creating complex and specific searches here.


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