The Tool De Jour: Mendeley

I am often asked, “what’s your favorite app?” or “what is your favorite digital tool?” The answer to those questions changes weekly, daily, hourly, and usually thanks to the profundity of content available on the World Wide Web. The tool of today (think a digital soup de jour!) is Mendeley, a free software that helps you organize and access your electronic article library.
I stumbled on this tool because our U of M libraries are doing a workshop on it on November 1. I registered for the workshop after reading this description about Mendeley—and after watching this video.

laptop-and-iphone_2953921708734904.jpgMendeley can automatically locate, rename, and organize your PDFs. It includes a fast PDF reader and your library can be synced to the cloud and easily shared with others. It can even create bibliographies in any of hundreds of styles.

I like that Menedely feels like a mashup between DropBox, EasyBib, and GoogleDocs—which are already some of my favorite tools. I like the Mendeley is open source and has Desktop, iPad, and iPhone Apps. More than anything, I like that everyday I am pleasantly surprised by the innovations swirling out there in cyberspace, a virtual stew of ideas, solutions, and explorations. Yum.
(If the soup and stew references made you hungry, just remember tomorrow (October 26), is the Crock Pot Cooke-Off! You can still sign up to bring a dish here!)


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