Maximizing your Google Calendar Productivity (Part 2)

Earlier this fall, I wrote a post detailing how to check out equipment and schedule rooms using Google Calendar. Today, we continue to up the ante on our Google Calendar usage by introducing two new resource calendars to the mix, Internal and External Kinesiology Events.
The Internal Events Calendar is linked on the KINtranet and is your hub for committee and all-school meetings, as well other internal events. On the flip side, the External Events Calendar is linked from out our public-facing website and contains information about our public events—from the Speaker Series to Tucker Tables to the Crockpot Cooke-off!
Adding your internal or external event to the appropriate calendar follows the same steps as scheduling a room or reserving equipment, just search for “Kinesiology” and you will find both calendars. You can reserve a room AND add your event to the KIN calendars in one easy step.
If you need assistance in creating an event via Google Calendar, please give me a shout. Until then, schedule away!


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