Listservs and bulk email campaigns

Email blasts are a popular way to convey information quickly to a large group of people. An important attribute of a well-designed email blast is making sure you are targeting the right group of people. Silke has created a handy document to aid in your understanding of the listservs that are maintained by the School of Kinesiology.
mailchimp-logo-225x187.pngWhile using the listserv system is the simplest way to email a specific group within the School, there are a bevy of other tools that can be used to send bulk email campaigns. For the KIN Weekly eNews, this very email, and the Tucker Center’s eNews, we use Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is free for most, offers well-designed email templates, and is easy to use.
Other tools similar to Mail Chimp include PinPointe and ConstantContact. You could also use GoogleDocs to create an email blast. Simply create document in GoogleDocs and then when you are ready to send it out, select File->Email as attachment. A popup with appear and you want to make sure you select “Paste the item itself into the email”. From there, you can specify the listserv and the subject line (see image below).
Use caution when sending email blasts. Try to combine as much information as you can into one blast and send emails at regular times (i.e., Thursdays at 4pm or on the 1st of the month). Let your readers come to expect and look forward to the information you deliver and not dread having to read another email!


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